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Digital Marketing Which Gets You Results!

Love it or hate it, digital marketing gets everywhere and can prove hugely profitable if done right.

Digital marketing is often seen as the “economical” option, which it can be; but it’s not really a bargain if it doesn’t build relationships, deliver leads and sell your products, is it?

For us, the real skill is in creating coherent, cost effective and successful digital marketing programmes (and it has to be gorgeous too, or we don’t let it out of the door!); so that’s just what we do.

Website Development… a complete design and development service, approached from a professional marketing viewpoint; so you don’t just get a good-looking site, you get one which is an active part of your sales system, showcasing your expertise, collecting visitor data and even warming your leads for you.

eMarketing… if you’re thinking simply email, think again! eMarketing encompasses an ever-increasing portfolio of online tactics; there’s a real art to getting this right and we’re constantly training to keep up-to-date, so you can be sure you and your business will benefit too.

Blogging and Social Media… marketing is no longer a one-way dialogue; social media enables you to engage your audience, start a conversation and join the discussion… but you need an end-game in mind! We’ll help you create and execute a social media strategy to deliver your business goals and objectives.

SEO and PPC… all the tricks of the trade to make your content easy to use, easy to share and easy to index, because that’s what search engines like! Our tried, tested and proven ‘geeks’ deliver the right traffic you need to succeed, time and again.

Apps… although not something we ‘build’ in house, we can connect you with some great ‘gurus’ who work alongside us and will share ways to design and exploit apps to the max.

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but it is important to get it right – only by turning it all into a coordinated sales and marketing machine will you see a real return on your investment.

So, get in touch and let’s get cracking! Call us on +44 (0) 1256 335622


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