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Say Hello To Your Juicy Marketing Team

You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps! It also helps if you like fast cars, fast shoes and fast, spotty dogs.

We’re a small but beautifully formed team, all professionals in our own field and if we’re honest, all a bit geeky about our own particular marketing speciality.

Usually found deeply engrossed in your projects, throwing ideas (or biscuits) at each other and generally having a fabulous creative time, the Juicy team is friendly, approachable and remarkably highly skilled, with brightly coloured plumage and a very small G&T habit (only on a Friday!)

We let our main characters loose on their own bios (why, oh why?) The rest – a hugely talented bunch of specialist freelancers and part-timers with some extra-special skill sets – all breathed a sigh of relief; what they don’t know is we may still add them yet!

In the meantime, choose your suspect to find out more.

Diane Rivens (Dykes)

Diane Rivens (Dykes)

Managing Director

With over 30 years experience in both direct sales and marketing (she started young), Diane is never lost for words or ideas.

From Telesales to New Business Development Director, Diane has always been customer focused, with client satisfaction being her primary objective.

Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and the creativity never stops flowing.  So throw her a problem and she is guaranteed to come back with dozens of ideas to get you motivated and grow your business, because she simply loves what she does!

Likes: Sporty cars, horse racing and dark plain chocolate (with a coffee!)

Hates: Horrid toenails, hairy toes, feet!

Email: diane@juicymarketing.co.uk

Skype: dianedykes

Jeremy Driscoll

Jeremy Driscoll

DIgital Marketing Specialist

Jeremy is our resident geek and guru of all things digital – from writing code to building websites, SEO, PPC and everything in between, Jerry is our man to go to!  No matter what our customers throw at us, you can be sure Jerry has been there, done it and got the T-Shirt to prove it too.

His unflappable nature and calming influence is just what’s needed when the going get’s tough and the deadlines are really tight!

Whilst most of what he talks about goes over our heads, we love and are thankful he is so passionate about digital stuff.

Likes: Sailing, biscuits and all sorts of high brow tech stuff the rest of us don’t understand

Hates: Digital ‘expert’s who are anything but!

Email: jeremy@juicymarketing.co.uk

Clare Westbrook

Clare Westbrook


At 5′ Clare maybe small but she is a human dynamo!

From Marketing Assistant to Marketing Director with ICI, and many other Senior International Marketing roles along the way, her range of skills and practical understanding and knowledge perfectly fit the Juicy ethic of having practiced what she preaches 110%.

Heading up the Abergavenny Office and with over 20 years experience, Clare specialises in Strategy, Planning and PR and Publicity. She is guaranteed to add another dimension to your marketing, and is simply GREAT with words too!

Likes: Fast cars, India, Pimms and the smell of creosote (don’t ask!)

Hates: Football, Leylandii trees and diets!

Email: clare@juicymarketing.co.uk

Skype: clare.westbrook

Niki Keane

Niki Keane

Graphic and Digital Designer

Niki adds her creative sparkle to all the projects she undertakes for our clients.

Trained as a Graphic Designer, Online Media is her real love. She has a passion to constantly learn new stuff and experiment with new software – earning her street cred with her peers and a wealth of knowledge too for our customers.

We think she’s great and our clients do as well!

Likes: Anything pink and sparkly, her Mini Cooper S & cats – oh and coffee by the bucket load!

Hates: Anyone using her Mac when she’s away

Email: niki@juicymarketing.co.uk

Tim Silvester

Tim Silvester

Graphic Designer

Tim is a rare breed in the design world; with endless patience, a good sense of humour AND no prima donna tendencies! PHEW!

His 25 years experience gives him exceptional understanding of design software and he demonstrates this with his speed and ability to deliver great designs to tight deadlines, and always with a smile.

It probably helps that he is a little bit crazy too!

Likes: Mini Coopers, chocolate, bikes and lovely ladies (don’t tell his wife)

Hates: Football, bad drivers, kids with tippex + red carpets (a long story!)

Email: tim@juicymarketing.co.uk

Sarah Corke

Sarah Corke

Marketing Co-ordinator

As the newest team member, Sarah is our very own Office Angel!

An experienced Graphic Designer, Sarah brings excellent marketing and account management skills too, which makes her a great all rounder.

A natural problem solver, her enthusiasm is matched with her desire to learn – a vital trait when working as part of our team. We love her and think you will too!

Likes: Sweets, chocolate and wine – she never stops eating

Hates: Herbal tea, wasps, sharing her biscuits!

Email: sarah@juicymarketing.co.uk



Office Mascot

We can guarantee that Puzzle will always be the first to greet you at the door, giving you a warm and bouncy welcome, leaving us to do the boring stuff like make you coffee, or maybe a gin and tonic if you visit on a Friday afternoon!

Likes: Eating, playing and sleeping too!

Hates: UPS delivery drivers and going out in the rain.

Email: puzzle@juicymarketing.co.uk – for fan mail only!

Biscuits Are Devoured By Sarah In A Typical Week, And She Doesn't Get Fat!

Cups Of Coffee Are Drunk By Niki Every Week Which Keeps Her Creativity Buzzing

The Average Number Of Ideas Diane Generates In A Week For Our Clients

Words Are Written By Clare On Average Every Week To WOW Our Customers